Algerian National Laboratory for Maintenance Education



Algerian National Laboratory for Maintenance Education

Project No. 586035-EPP-1-2017-1-DZ-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP


ANL-MEd assembles for 36 months a consortium with 15 Algerian and European partners. The consortium has a hierarchical structure that ensures an efficient communication and cooperation. Four European universities with solid competence in maintenance engineering and management will contribute to development of teaching material and training students, teacher, trainers and industry staff. The four Algerian universities will collaborate with EU partners and the Algerian industrial partners to develop and implement the specialization and training programs, and to create the ANL-ORG, the national laboratory which will coordinates all activities related to maintenance education. The key factor for implementation of the project objectives is the active collaboration between academic and industrial partners. Consequently, important resources have been allocated for creating a harmonious working environment – ANL-ORG – with activities for creating synergies between project partners and stakeholders. This will contribute to strengthening the active cooperation between university and industry, as well between Algeria and EU.


The project activities are distributed in 7 work packages according to a detailed work plan that adequately structures the efforts into manageable work packages with clear responsibilities and objectives.

For improved effectiveness in the project for organization of implementation, the partners are grouped in three clusters:

  • ANL-EDUC – cluster for education,
  • ANL-VET – cluster for vocational education and training
  • ANL-ORG for organization of the ANL, coordinating the resources for integration, communication and exploitation.





ANL-MEd Framework development and educational and training specifications


1.1. Structure of the ANL-ORG

1.2. Educational and Training maintenance programme structure

1.3 Workforce competence and skill profile for maintenance jobs


Development of Maintenance Engineering Specialization – ANL EDUC


2.1 Outline and fulfilment of the curriculum

2.2 Syllabuses and Educational material development

2.3 ANL- Project scenarios

2.4 Pilot course and maintenance program evaluation


Development of Maintenance Engineering training program – ANL VET


3.1 ANL-VET curricula development

3.2 Development of modular training courses

3.3 ANL-Project Scenarios and Pilot course and ANL-VET program evaluation


Quality Assurance, monitoring and control


4.1. Riskanalysis and contingency plan

4.2. InternalQuality Assurance and Control

4.3. Quality assessment of education and training


Dissemination and ANL-Knowledge Maintenance Platform


5.1 WEB page and Dissemination Plan

5.2. Dissemination workshops &seminars

5.3. Promotionalactivities and publications

5.4. ANL-Knowledge Platform


Exploitation and ANL-ORG


6.1. ANL-MEd exploitation strategy and exploitation plan

6.2. ANL-Org structure and activity

6.3. ANL Infrastructure and Equipment



 Project coordination and administration


7.1. Project coordination

7.2. Project Administration and financial control



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